Parle Innovation

Limited time introductory offer for Pi Dock It Pro

For a limited time Parle Innovation is offering the Pi Dock It Pro for just $129.00, a $30 savings off the regular price of $159.00, and as a thank you we will include a 4 in 1 Light and Laser Ballpoint Stylus!

Chicago Tribune reviews the Dock It

The Chicago Tribune in its review says: 'The iPad can serve as a laptop-like business accessory by day and a plaything by night'. You can see the feature here.

TUAW Reviews the Pi Dock It pro

TUAW says: 'For typing on an iPad, there's probably no better keyboard available at this time than the one built into the Dock-It Pro.'   See the full review here....

Easier Computing With the Pi Dock-It Pro iPad Case | GeekDad

GeekDad says the Pi Dock It Pro keyboard 'types like a dream'.   Click here to read the full review.