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Business Professional

Busy professionals want to be able to utilize the same convenient device at work as they do at home.  The Pi Dock-It Pro is perfectly suited for this! It provides a full size keyboard that allows you to quickly and easily type emails, create or edit spreadsheets and develop power point or keynote presentations while viewing the entire screen  The Pi Dock-It Pro is both light and durable which makes sure your iPad is well protected.

The Pi Dock-It Pro is the ideal accessory for those people serious about doing business using their iPads in and outside of the office!

Chicago Tribune reviews the Dock It

The Chicago Tribune in its review says: 'The iPad can serve as a laptop-like business accessory by day and a plaything by night'. You can see the feature here.

TUAW Reviews the Pi Dock It pro

TUAW says: 'For typing on an iPad, there's probably no better keyboard available at this time than the one built into the Dock-It Pro.'   See the full review here....

Easier Computing With the Pi Dock-It Pro iPad Case | GeekDad

GeekDad says the Pi Dock It Pro keyboard 'types like a dream'.   Click here to read the full review.