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Pi Dock-It Air Pink

  • Pi Dock-It air with Bluetooth keyboard for iPad air

    Ideal for iPad air users on the go who want and need a sleek light-weight, protective and productive solution for their fast mobile lifestyle as well as for educators and student iPad air users.   

    Create infinite possibilities with your iPad. Pi Dock-It  has you covered!

    *iPad not included.

    Plus free gift with purchase a  4-in1 Light and Laser-Ballpoint-Stylus
    Available Now while quantities last!

  • + Brings the functionality of full-sized keyboard to the iPad air

    + Slim, durable with soft-touch finish

    + Longer battery-life than consumer-grade case + keyboards

    + Integrated premium Apple-style “Chiclet” keyboard that is rechargeable and Bluetooth-compatible

    + Innovative pivot-and-swivel from laptop mode into tablet mode

    + Resilient high-grade polycarbonate-blend with sleek surface and anti-skid base

    + Simple and secure insertion and easy release of your iPad

    + Configurable to multiple use-modes

    + iPad can be charged while docked in laptop, tablet or closed-case mode

    + Integrated magnets and sensors automatically put iPad in sleep mode

    + Built-in tilt-angle for ergonomic use while typing and creating content

    + Pi Dock-It air is patent pending.



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